“I love to learn and to share the excitement of discovery."

Shirley Harrison







The Word Team





The Word Team was established in 1990 not long before Shirley was approached to investigate the recently discovered diary believed to be by Jack the Ripper. She joined forces with Sally Evemy, as researcher and editor, to create a unique team of "literary detectives."

Today, Sally's PR and academic background provides a firm foundation for their investigations. Shirley's creative and imaginative approach to writing and research, and Sally's quest for accuracy, combine to make them a strong partnership.

Both love the detective aspect of their work and have spent many hours sleuthing in libraries and archives in England and abroad to produce original material to support Shirley's writing.
Together, they have travelled to Poona, to study recycling in India, and have made several trips to America:  visiting the secret world of religious cults, promotional tours East and West for The Diary of Jack the Ripper, and to New York in the footsteps of Winnie-the-Pooh.   They have stayed in Sanlucar with two Spanish princesses while sifting through their family archives.  By contrast, in Amsterdam on the trail of socialist suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst, they came upon her impassioned, handwritten poems dedicated to Keir Hardie.



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