“I love to learn and to share the excitement of discovery."

Shirley Harrison






Research and Discoveries

During the last twenty years the Word Team has unearthed some amazing discoveries - a few are highlighted below.



Jack The Ripper...
Unearthing the Victorian watch with its inscription scratched in the back -"J.Maybrick I am Jack."

This is a photo of the watch and inscription. Unfortunately no colour photographs are available.


Coming across the Coat of Arms (below) ordered by James Maybrick, which bears the legend "Tempus Omnia Revelat" (Time Reveals All)


Sylvia Pankhurst...
Reading the tender love letters between Sylvia Pankhurst and Keir Hardie (Labour Leader) from her archive in the International Institute of Social History, in Amsterdam and locating a rare teddy bear made in Sylvia's East End Toy Factory.

"Dear Face,
So fond to me rugged with thought and with many lines of pain
and with the milk of human kindness filled.

Dear Sturdy Neck
That my arms love to twine
My fingers placing in the little curls
Curls that are white before their time perhaps,
but bonnier as they are than any else."


Winnie-the-Pooh ...
Sitting in a cellar outside New York, looking at the uncensored and hitherto unread diaries of Elliott Graham, the "Dean" of Public Relations at Dutton, publishers of the A.A. Milne Books. Elliott was Pooh's guardian for 40 years after he and the other toys - Piglet, Kanga, Eeyore and Tigger - emigrated from Hartfield in 1947.

Discovering the correct whereabouts of A.A.Milne's final resting place. The Dictionary of National Biography had stated that after his death in 1956 he was cremated in Tunbridge Wells. However, the Tunbridge Wells crematorium did not open until 1959! After exhaustive questioning of crematoria and cemeteries in the South of England we learned the answer. In the worst weather of February, 1956, the body of one of the country's best known literary figures had been taken to the Downs Crematorium in Brighton, overlooking the English Channel. There was no ceremony, no mention in the local paper and there is no plaque or memorial in the grounds.



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